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electronic water "softener"

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electronic water "softener"

Post by jjohnwm on Thu Jan 18, 2018 2:07 pm

I recently installed a new-age water treatment device in my home.  It's an electronic gizmo that is supposed to alter the molecules that normally cause heavy mineral deposits in hard-water areas, and I must say that so far it works pretty well for its intended purpose.  It does not claim to remove minerals and so does not truly soften the water, but apparently the mineral molecules don't clump together to produce that hard white crust with which most of us are sadly familiar.  The small amount of white deposit that does form wipes easily away, no laborious chipping required.  The treatment unit itself consists of a small electronic control box with a digital readout, and two copper wires that wrap around the incoming water pipe in a particular fashion to produce the desired effect.

As a new returnee to the aquarium hobby, my indoor aquatic menagerie is pretty meagre, consisting of one small Musk Turtle who shares his home with a couple of assorted guppies.  Pathetic, I know...but it made me wonder if anyone else has experience with this type of treatment device and/or knows if it has any effect (good or bad) on fish.  I am slowly working on a home-made tank and am wondering if I will continue to enjoy the luxury of drawing tap water of the correct temperature and using it immediately, without worrying about chlorine.  So far (2 months now) I have seen no sign of a problem with the guppies; how about other types of fish?



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Re: electronic water "softener"

Post by Fores41 on Fri Jan 19, 2018 9:07 am

I have no personal experience but have heard of similar results
with this type of electronics. And as far as fish go well guppies are pretty hardy fish so only trial and error will let you know how it will do with other fish.
Good luck
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