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the evil influence of Canadaquaria continues...

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the evil influence of Canadaquaria continues...

Post by jjohnwm on Mon Dec 24, 2018 7:16 pm

Yep, I hold all you people responsible for this.  Some of you have protested innocence in other threads...others have gloated about my "condition"...still others remain reticent and pretend not to be aware of what's going on here...but regardless, it's painfully obvious that you all revel in spreading the sickness and sharing the misery.

I just looked at my first post when I joined Canadaquaria.  The last words read:

" Now, after 15 years with no aquaria, I'm semi-retired and looking forward to getting one or two smallish tanks and enjoying the hobby...to a much more limited degree. Also thinking about an outdoor pond."

That was only three years ago.  My God...what a pathetic dummy I was!  My back still aches periodically, a relic of the aftereffects of hand-digging...as in, by hand, with a shovel!...my backyard pond.  As I type this, I can hear the gentle hum of the pump that filters the 30-gallon tank in my den.  Stacked in the corner of my garage are the three large Rubbermaid garbage cans that housed fish on my patio last summer..fish in garbage cans!.  A moment ago, when I took the dog for a walk in the yard, I didn't need a light because of the soft illumination spilling from the basement windows; I leave a nightlight running down there so that the fish in my homemade plywood 120-gallon tank aren't shocked when the timer turns off the tank light.

And now, this: I just got out of the shower, feeling nice and clean after scrubbing away all that sawdust...got the stuff all over myself while cutting those new plywood sheets into precisely sized pieces...to construct a 360-gallon tank for the basement!  I knew that if my wife went into town for the day I would get into trouble...but I never saw that one coming.  

A buddy called me two weeks ago and told me he was coming down to drop something off that I would like.  When he arrived, I stared dumbfounded at the gigantic slab of 1/2-inch float glass in his truck.  Already cut, 92 inches long, 21 inches wide...the exact size the plans for the 360 call for.  I had built a tank this size several decades ago, and it was the centerpiece of my living room for many years, but I left it behind when I moved from Ontario to Manitoba.  My Manitoba friend had seen pictures only, and when I was musing out loud that I might like to do another one now, he listened...and came through with the glass.

Now, the wood is cut...the silicone has been purchased...and the workspace in the basement has been cleared.  I'm past the point of no return...there is no direction other than forward.

Don't take this personally, but I hate you all!!! Smile

Oh...and Merry Christmas! Smile


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Re: the evil influence of Canadaquaria continues...

Post by alexmtl on Wed Dec 26, 2018 5:25 pm

Merry Christmas, enjoy the aquarium building. Always looking forward to you next adventure Very Happy
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Re: the evil influence of Canadaquaria continues...

Post by Fores41 on Fri Dec 28, 2018 9:38 am

Hey we can only take credit for a little bit of this John.
Although we do enjoy seeing another affected by MTS.
Hope you had a great Christmas and have a great new year.
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