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fish by mail? seriously?

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fish by mail? seriously?

Post by jjohnwm on Sat Feb 10, 2018 2:22 pm

I keep seeing mentions here about buying live fish and receiving them in the mail. Sounds pretty counter-intuitive to me, so I need some info! Smile

I'm assuming we are talking about the warm months? Even then, how are these packages actually being delivered? By courier, or just plain ol' Canada Post? Any particular retailers that specialize in this form of selling? What sort of survival rates can be expected?

I have a strange hankering to get some wild-form Heterandria formosa livebearers, but every shop I try says they are a no-go. It looks like mail-order fish might be my only option. Smile


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Re: fish by mail? seriously?

Post by GaryE on Mon Feb 12, 2018 4:27 am

I used to ship a lot of fish through this site, and the one it grew out of.
Plain old Canada Post, 2 day delivery, which does charge a lot when you talk to our US friends. That is the downside.
It is fast for urban centres, less so for rural.
I shut it down because of costs, and because outdoor community mailboxes are fish killers.
Personally, I only ship and receive when days get to 20 and nights to 10. The flip side is if it is too hot (26 plus, it is also stressful for fish. Too cold and they freeze. But just right (usually April, May and early June, then August to early October) is pretty good.
In my last two years of shipping (always for fun, not a business) I sent out 36 boxes. One was crushed by Canada Post, and about a quarter of the fish were killed. I think I had two or three random travel deaths (but I tried to ship extras if I could). Easily 95% of the fish made it with no problem.
I have a friend who gets killifish mailed from Europe.
From the States is very slow. Their border bureaucracy is a nightmare. Don't do that.
For Heterandria formosa, you probably have to find a hobby breeder. I had them for years, but no longer do. You might want to look into the livebearer associations and southern Ontario fish clubs. There were lots of people keeping them in that region a few years ago.
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