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New fertilizer line.

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New fertilizer line.

Post by The PlantGuy on Thu May 26, 2016 12:49 pm

haven't been here for quite a while, things have been very busy.  I continue to bring in shipments weekly or bi weekly from Singapore and Tropica so check my site for updated stock lists.  I'm also happy to announce a new line of low cost liquid fertlizers and dispensers.

Here is our main one, the 500ml boston with a 2ml pump.  No need to fumble around dumping fertilizer into tiny caps.  1 pump per 10g and that's it.  After the bottle is finished , I offer low cost refills (except for Thrive and GlutaAid) no need  buy and throw away plastic.  This option is obviously much easier on the pocket book and environment.
Second option is the twin neck 500ml bottle.  you simply squeeze the desired amount into the chamber and dump into the aquarium.  This is better suited to larger tanks

In terms of the actual fertilizer, here is what i've started with, more to come soon..
GlutarAid 500ml- the major suppliers advertise this product as a CO2 supplement.  The active ingredient in this product  (and theirs) is Glutaraldehyde.  Glutaraldehyde kills things.  It’s used to sterilize surgical tools.  In the aquarium it kills algae which helps aquarium plants compete for resources.  Our price $9.99

Thrive- This is an all in one liquid fertilizer developed by a collegue in the U.S, Niloq aquatics

NPK-  This is our Macro fertilizer, available in both the Estimative Index version (for high tech tanks) and the PPS version (for lower tech tanks.

Micro- This is our Micro fertilizer, available in both the Estimative Index version (for high tech tanks) and the PPS version (for lower tech tanks.

IRON- dosage based on 0.5ppm Fe

I’ve had some interest from a few stores who want to carry these so if you know of store that might be interested, tell them to contact me.  I have a whole sale list.

The PlantGuy

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Re: New fertilizer line.

Post by CAAIndie on Thu May 26, 2016 3:15 pm

This is wonderful John!

I'm just about out of ferts and the pumps would be great. I'm always fighting to get them open and measure. I've made a huge mess on many occasions!


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