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Micronutrient information

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Micronutrient information

Post by The PlantGuy on Wed Nov 19, 2014 1:09 pm

Every so often i get an email from someone asking what the difference is between the micronutrient i sell and the more commonly known Plantex CSM +B...

Both are made by the same company PlantProd. In the U.S, Boron is not added to the mix so those selling it for aquariums sometimes add boron to it. In Canada, the boron is added at factory however Magnesium is not added. Other than that they are identical

U.S based PlantProd Nutritrace CSM (formerly Plantex CSM and Plantex CSM +B)


Canadian PlantProd Micronutrient Chelated trace mix


I'm not sure why boron is not added to the U.S version or why magnesium is not added to the Canadian one. Keep in mind these are fertilizers designed for farm use so it might have something to do with different agricultural needs in the 2 countries.

The PlantGuy

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